Sunday, August 27, 2006

yo-yo making

yo-yo making
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I'm yo- yo crazy right now. It's simple and cute and oh so easy to make. I've found that a 5 inch circle makes the perfect size yo-yo!

Heather Bailey has an awesome yo-yo tutorial here.

There is so many things you can make with them ...

I made some simple brooches by adding a pin back to the backside of a yo-yo.
Yo-yo Brooch
These will be avaliable soon at MyMy!

I also turned a yo-yo into a posy on these little pouches.
yo-yo flower pouch

brown and yellow flower yo-yo pouch
jade flower yo-yo pouch
Made with denim, corduroy, and cotton lining with felt "leaves".

Now lets see what you come up with.

Happy yo-yo making! :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Two New Monsters!

I just added 2 new I Luv Your Guts Monsters to the shop ...