Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bread and Butter Pickles!

My neighbor, just brought over 7 pounds of cucumbers from her garden this afternoon. So I took it upon my self to make some bread and butter pickles! Can't wait to eat them in about 4 weeks or so!


b&b pickles

b&b pickles



6-7 pounds of pickling cucumbers - I used regular, but smaller pickling cucumbers will make for a crisper pickle
5 cups white vinegar
5 cups sugar (I only used 3 cups)
1 tablespoon of pickling salt
1/2 tablespoon mustard seeds
1/2 tablespoon pepper corns
Pinch of ground cloves or 1/2 teaspoon of pickling spice
1 teaspoon turmeric (optional for color)


Combine vinegar, sugar, and spices in a pot and bring to boil, let simmer for about 5 minutes. Slice cukes 1/4" thick and pack in hot jars. Slowly pour the hot pickling liquid over the cucumber slices, leaving about a 1/2" head space. Make sure there are no air bubbles by running a knife or chop stick around the inside of the jars, wipe rim clean, add lids and finger tighten. Process in a hot water bath for 15 minutes. Wait 3-4 weeks before eating. Enjoy!