Friday, November 25, 2005

Sacramento News & Review

I got a special little surprise today! I received an order for an "I Luv Your Guts Monster", and in the check out field on my site, I have little box that asks "Where Did You Hear About Heyday Fashion?" Well usually I get some really informative tidbits written in there, like 'I forgot' or 'a friend' hahaha! Well today, after I got the order, the customer wrote that they heard about my site from SN&R. Which is the Sacramento News & Review, a free little publication here in Sacramento. I was baffled. So I go down to my local Starbucks, I've been wanting to try their gingerbread latte anyway (very good by the way), I pick up the SN&R and sure enough my little guys were on the front page. I had know idea they were going to do that! :)

You can read the full feature here. YAY!

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