Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Craft Stash - Etsy Shop!

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I am a self proclaimed hoarder, collector, and pack rat.
So, I started this craft supply site as way to unclutter my life and pass the super fab goodies along to you!

I hope you enjoy all I have to offer ♥


Chad Hensley said...

Hey, I really love your stuff. But sadly, I live in Ohio. I was wonderig if there was anyway I could order one of the rainbow I Luv Your Guts Monsters. I would be willing to pay whatever you asked, its the most perfect thing I've ever laid my eyes on.

PLEASE get into contact with me. My e-mail address is and my AIM is Chadwick is Love if you reach people that way.

I would appreciate it so much, it's almost me and my boyfriend's one year and I know it would just be perfect. :)

Thank you!

amy is the party said...

Dang, I thought I came up with a new idea today while cleaning out my craft area, and I see you came up with it first! Great minds think alike, eh?! There's this store in Portland that's like a thrift shop but for craft supplies and it's such a great idea. One crafter's trash is another crafter's treasure!