Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hello My Name Is Gallery ~ Plush Show

If you live in or around New Haven Connecticut please stop by
Hello My Name Is Gallery on April 5th!

I made a cute eggplant plush for this show!




Yuki said...

hi, can I use the image of the rainbow plushie from your I Love Your Guts monsters post for my blog layyie?


tag there. ^^

Neesy said...

Please remove my copyrighted image from your blog immediately. If it is not down by the end of the day I will file copyright infringement to blogger. I don't appreciate you using my image on your blog header then asking later if you can use it, that's stealing! All my content and my images are safe guarded under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and I will take action if you do not remove my image from your blog header.

Yuki said...

hi, I removed it already. sorry about that. Yuki

nicole said...

I just love the little eggplant!