Sunday, April 26, 2009

Plush Owl Pattern

Update: 04/26/2011 New Pattern added!

Owl Body ----> Here

Owl Parts ----> Here

Owl Parts Placement ----> Here

Instructions ----> Here

Hey all, I've decided to add a new segment of sorts to this ol' blogaroo!

I will try post a pattern or tutorial for a super sweet craft project every month (or so), just for you!

First installment, a plush owl pattern... :D

Plush Owl Pattern


Materials Needed

Main Fabric: Faux fur, minky, fleece, felt, or printed Cotton ~ 1/4 Yard
Contrasting Fabric ~ 1/8 Yard
Craft or Wool Felt
Buttons or Doll Eyes
Fiber Fill
Matching Thread or Invisible Thread


1. Print out owl pattern onto card stock or paper and cut pieces out.

2. Trace the pattern with fabric pen or pencil, onto the wrong side of fabric.

3. Cut out main body and wing pieces from fabric.

4. Trace and cut out eye pieces onto contrasting fabrics.

5. On one piece of the main body fabric (right side up), pin outer eye pieces in place, *top stitch into place.

6. Pin inner eye on top of the outer eye pieces, *top stitch into place.

*You can also glue the eyes into place, if desired.

7. Sew buttons or add plastic doll eyes in the center of the fabric eye pieces for added character.

8. Place beak in the middle of the eyes, pin, and top stitch or glue into place.

9. Sew the wings, right sides facing, leaving one side open as shown. Turn wings right side out
Pin wings in place as shown, match up the raw edges to the sides of the opening on the wings, to the main body and pin into place.

10. Match up body pieces, right sides facing, and pin together. Sew along the edge, leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance and a one inch opening at the bottom as shown.
Remove pins, clip excess fabric and notch curves, turn right side out. Stuff generously with fiber fill. Hand sew bottom opening with matching thread or invisible thread.

Enjoy your cute plush owl!

If you made this project, please be sure to let us know! Link back here or upload your cute creation to our Flickr Pool

Neesy Pea


Anonymous said...

finally, an awesome owl! I'm looking for tutorials for a friend's b-day present, and this is the first really good one. I think I'll make it. Really cute.

Budget Mama said...

Love this owl! I really want to make one for my baby, but the link just goes to your Etsy shop :( Please let me know how I can get the pattern. Thank you very much!

EmoSeal said...

This owl is ADORABLE! I was hoping to make it for a friend but the link to the pattern pieces redirects now (as previously mentioned). Any chance of being able to get the pattern pieces another way?

Neesy said...

New Pattern is up now, enjoy!