Friday, February 05, 2010

Home grown sprouts

A recent trip to my local grocery store left me super disappointed when I was searching for fresh sprouts to add to my sandwiches. I thought they should be pretty easy to grow yourself. So I started surfing the web and sure enough you can make sprouts right on your windowsill, using all sorts of regular dried beans.

I came across this website classbrain and followed the directions, using a glass mason jar to sprout my lentils.

I bought just a regular 1 pound bag of my store brand's lentils. I was surprised how quickly the lentils started to sprout. By day six I had about 2 one inch sprouts coming from each bean, that tasted crisp and fresh. I couldn't ask for a better tasting sprout! (Click the photo above to see my process larger)

From what I've read, lentils are a fantastic source of B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc and much more. Since you can eat sprouts raw, you retain all of that incredible nutritional value, which is an A+ in my book!

The only thing I would do differently next time, is maybe buy organic lentils in bulk. I'm thinking a better quality bean might grow a heartier and longer sprout. I'm also thinking of now investing in a fancy schmancy sprouter, since this was so easy to do!

Below is a close up of day 3 when the lentils began to sprout, and day 6 when the sprouts were ready to eat!

Let me know how your lentil sprouting goes! ♥

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Tracy said...

Hi, Nessy! Just found your blog--what a beautiful, creative place you have in blogland! :o) Your pop-tarts took me back to school days--breakfasts and after-school snacks. I must try your fun recipe. And this for the lentils sprouts... love sprouts on salads and sandwiches too. Your Etsy shop is full of sweets. Happy Days :o)