Friday, October 14, 2011

Twenty Pounds of Apples

I recently took the kiddos to an apple orchard that is about 30 minutes from our home. Apple Hill. I've been going here since I was a kid and it was fun to take the littles up there to start a new Fall tradition!

Anyway this place has fresh picked apples, natural apple juice, apple donuts & fritters (my personal favorite) and every other kind of apple something or another you can think of!

Needless to say I came home with a lovely bounty of appley goodness, which included twenty pounds of apples for $19.50! What do you do with 20 pounds of local Jonathan apples you ask?


I'll show you...

Apple Pie. I actually made two, but when warm apple pie comes out of the oven it's hard to photograph when it's almost half eaten!


Apple Sauce. Made about 12 pints, so good and just a little bit of sugar was needed!


Then I turned the applesauce into Apple Butter! This recipe is what I used to make it (in the crock pot!), and it is to die for good!

applebutter 01

applebutter 02

And we still had about 15 apples left over for snacking!

Whew, I think I'm all appled out, until next year! ;)

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threeblacklabs said...

oh my gosh, i am totally looking forward to apple hill now! thank you for the link to the apple butter! and in the crock pot...even better!